Buku: English For General Purposes



This book contains the basic skills of mastering English language. Three basic English language skills are integrated in this book: reading, speaking, and writing. Besides, in order to use the skills well, this book also provides the students with the theories of English grammar. The title of this book is taken from its purpose; i.e. English language that is used in all of fields of study. Therefore, the topics of reading texts and conversations in this book are various to assist the students from each field of study in understanding the English language for specific purpose. It is expected that they are able to apply what they get from this book when they have to use English language in their own field of study. Each of chapters in this book contains theories and exercises. A large number of exercises are provided to train the students’ comprehension towards the theories and to lead them able to use those theories when using English language.

Penulis : 1. Rusdi Noor Rosa
    2. Elise Muryanti
    3. Dewi Mulia
    4. Indra Jaya
Tahun Terbit : 2008
Penerbit : Sukabina Offset
ISBN : 978-602-8124-09-6
Jumlah halaman : 276