Buku: Introduction to Linguistics



This book provides basic understanding of linguistic knowledge that introduces linguistics as a science discussing the essence of language. This book provides the students with basic and general concept, terms, theories, and fields of linguistics. To help the students understand the basic linguistic knowledge, this book includes theoretical explanation and exercises. Suggested by the title of this book “Introduction to Linguistics”, the main purpose of this book is to give assistance for everybody who wants to know more about linguistics. This book highlights the more applicable topics in linguistics since it is impossible to include all of the topics in these limited pages. The contents of this book are especially designed for undergraduate students who want to learn further linguistics subjects.

Penulis : Rusdi Noor Rosa
Tahun Terbit : 2013
Penerbit : Sukabina Press
ISBN : 978-602-8124-85-0
Jumlah halaman : 253